The Europe Business Assembly Award

Azizi Bank has been awarded the Best Retail Enterprise in Afghanistan by the Europe Business Assembly Socrates Committee, London in March 2017. Mr. Mohammad Salem Omaid, CEO, Azizi Bank also received the Manager of the Year Award from the Association.

The Glamorous Queen Victorian Badge from the Socrates Committee was collected on behalf of Mr. Omaid by Mr. Mohammad Osman Nowrozi, Vice President & DY. CEO of the bank. Mr. Nowrozi also collected the Trophy for the best enterprise and the certificates from the Chairman of the Europe Business Assembly and addressed the august gathering. The event was held at the Institute of Directors, London in the presence of more than 200 distinguished guests from more than 60 countries from Asia, Africa, Europe & the Americas.

In addition to the above recognition, Mr. Mohammad Salem Omaid, CEO, Azizi Bank also received the membership badge & certificate of the International Club of Leaders, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Azizi Bank’s & CEO’s profile will be published in the Leaders Time Magazine which will be sent to more than 50,000 professional subscribers including world’s leading companies, CEOs, City Mayors, Scientists & Media.

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