Saving Accounts 

Savings Account is most suitable for individuals to save their earnings, make higher interest and have access to their funds any time. Here are some more details about this product:

  • The account may be opened by Individuals / Societies / NGOs
  • Accounts can be opened in the name of Minor above 12 years
  • Accounts can be opened in the name of Minor below 12 years with guardian.
  • No charges for opening of the account / No Maintenance charges.
  • No charges for deposit and withdrawal.
  • Minimum balance Afs 1,000/USD 100/EURO 100/GBP 100
  • Interest is payable quarterly at the end of each quarter March, June, September & December No Cheque Book Facility. For checkbook facility, customers can open current accounts
  • Account and link to Savings account (Auto Sweep facility).
  • Cheque Collection facility available.
  • Self-withdrawal available without Cheque book.
  • The Scheme is suitable for all (except companies) with the facility to deposit and withdraw at any time and earn profit too.
  • On savings accounts interest is payable on the minimum balance between 10th and Last day of the month.
  • In savings, interest will be credited on the last day of the month.
  • No new GPB & Euro accounts will be opend
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