Saving Accounts

Azizi Bank has the right savings account for everyone. Save your earnings with Azizi Bank and have access to your funds any time. Your bank account is always at your fingertips with Mobile Banking & Net Banking. With more than 60 ATMs across Afghanistan and more to come within the next few months, accessing cash will always be easier.

  • Individuals/ Societies/ NGOs can open Savings Account.
  • Account can be opened in AFN and USD.
  • Joint Account facility is available.
  • Payment of interest at highly competitive rates.
  • Free ATM Card with a daily cash withdrawal limit of AFN 40,000/ USD 2500.
  • Minimum Balance requirement is AFN 1000/ USD 100.
  • Interest is paid monthly with yearly calculation.
  • Accounts can be opened in the name of minors below and up to 12 years with legal guardian.
  • No charges for Deposit/ Withdrawal.
  • 24/7 ATM facility across Afghanistan available for withdrawal up to AFN 40,000/USD 2500 per day.
  • No limitation for deposit in the account.
  • No charges for deposit /up to 10 times withdrawal in a month subject to maintenance of balance in the account.
  • Free SMS alert service on every transaction.
  • Account can be opened in the name of minors below 12 years with legal guardian as a co-applicant.
  • 24/7 Cash Deposit Machine available at selected branches for depositing up to AFN 40, 000/USD 2500 per day.
  • POS Machine usage is available in selected stores, restaurants, hotel, airlines, hospitals & supermarkets.
  • International Master Debit Card facility is available for national and international transactions with a nominal issuance fee of AFN 500/ USD 10.
  • Free Statement of Account once in a month.
  • Balance Confirmation Certificate available at all the branches.
  • Cheque Collection facility at all the branches.
  • Salary Savings Account facility is available for Govt. Institutions/ Corporates/ Embassies/ NGOs/ Private Companies with zero balance for routing the monthly salary. Agreement between Azizi Bank and the concerned institution needs to be signed for making the monthly salary disbursement.
  • Interest is paid on the Salary Savings Account along with all the above facilities.
  • More variant of Savings Account in the process of getting launched soon. 
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